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Any 'print as printerfriendly page' automatizer?

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In Firefox you can use Print Preview to easily switch between portrait and landscape mode, as well as choose a scaling factor for the printed page. Often switching to 80% or 90% will get large images to fit on the printed page.

I know this is a pointless post.. but it really is the responsibility of website designers to create printer-friendly pages. Just a reminder to those who make-their-own  :D

Do you know of any such quick 'print as printerfriendly page' automatizer?
-Curt (February 17, 2007, 03:52 PM)
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I don't have experience with either of the tools I'm about to mention, but they might be helpful to you:

1) IE 7 is supposed to be vastly improved over IE 6 in avoiding cutting off the text on the right margin.

2) An IE add-in called 'Printer Friendly' is supposed to do exactly what you want:

Printer Friendly does not support FireFox, but the author stated (on his blog, I think) that he had a FireFox add-in once, but got too much flak for it not being free.   Apparently he has since provided it on an unsupported basis to at least one customer.

My personal solution is to 1) disable all CSS for a page and 2) linearize the page elements so they line up one after the next.

Two ways to do this:

1) In Mozilla, install the Web Developer Tools extension. Press Ctrol+Shift+S and all stylesheets are disabled, leaving you with just the text and graphics. At that point, I may select the text I want to read and in the Print dialog click on "Selection" so only the highlighted text is printed. This tool also has the Linearize option, but that sometimes removes the graphics so I don't always use it.

2) Some bookmarklets site had the Zap CSS and Linearize options as bookmarklets. A little Googling should find them. Put them in your toolbar and that's about as automatic as it'll get for you.

HTH -- mike

I was at the supermarket on the weekend, wife doing the shopping, me checking the computer mags. Anyway, I saw reference to 2 utilities supposedly making it easy to print web pages properly.
Of course I forgot the names before I reached home - one was something like "webEasy" - but I remember they were both freeware, one from epson, 1 from canon.
There was a claim that at least one of them worked with ALL brands of printers.
Anyway, shouldn't be hard to track them down if you're interested.


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