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DONE - Memory utilization

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Got a quick request for an app I could use at work.  Basically I need to keep track of an apps memory usage.  I was going to write something in AutoIt, but couldnt find any way to determine the memory usage of a specific process.  I turned to AutoHotKey, but that had nothing as well.  Asked in the AutoIt forums, but couldnt get an answer.  What I would love is for someone to give instructions for how to find a process' memory usage so I could write my own script.... but, if that is impossible, if someone could code a quick app for me that would be great. 

- Choose ONE executable to track
- Set an alarm so if the exe goes above a certain threshold a tooltip or messagebox or tray balloon would pop up with userdefinable text (including the amount of memory)

I dont want a bunch of features.... just a quick and dirty app!  THanks,


Windows Task Manager lists a processes memory usage.

Carol Haynes:
WinTasks Pro 5 might do what you want.

It now includes a script language so you could possibly produce a script to raise an alarm when CPU usages goes above a certain level.

Not sure how easy the script language is to use though.

See: Sample Scripts for WinTasks at
The built-in scripting language in WinTasks 5 Professional can be a very powerful tool. On this page, you can find a collection of sample scripts.

Sample Script #1
This script will decrease the priority of Internet Explorer if it uses more than 30% of the CPU.
  if process_file = "iexplore.exe" and process_cpu_usage > 30 then

Thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunately it's not a big enough priority here at work to spend $50 for!  The problem with Windows task manager is that you have to watch it.  The mechanical engineers here at work want to monitor their CAD program for memory usage... you'd think 2 gig of memory would be enough, but it's not.  It's a very specific task, which is why I wanted to write an AutoIt script. Then I found out that there is no easy way to do this!  Any other suggestions?  Freeware might work, but it's more of a convienience tool if anything.  Thanks,


Try doing a search here:


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