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Free PDF tools review?

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I have tested pdfannotator. But I didn't try their annotation tools much as I wasn't too impressed with the rendering of the PDF:s. By far the worst rendering quality that I have seen on text. It was actually quite surprising for me too see something that bad in this day and age.

Much as I dislike Acrobat from my own perspective, it looks like that's the way you might be heading jzippo.

I get the feeling you'll probably feel uncomfortable using non-official software?

Adobe sells millions of copies; at least some of those sales must be to people who do actually need it  ;)

I don't think jzippo has to go the whole hog and lash out for Adobe Acrobat, there are myriad options in the $49.95 to $99.99 range that will more or less stand in for Acrobat Standard!

Thank you for all of your recommendations.

Right now I don't know if I will continue using Foxit Reader, and while PDF-XChange was indeed reasonably good, its not all the way there for me.

The deal breaker with PDF-XChange is the badly implemented typewriter tool (it would probably drive me insane after a while). However, its highligting tools are better in that they can be used to highlight text in columns correctly.

The deal breaker's with Foxit is its support who doesn't seem to regard broken PDFs as a problem. Moreover, its highligting tools are unable to deal with text in columns correctly.

So, the search continues, but, at least for now, I will be using both Foxit and PDF-XChange. I will use Foxit when I need to use the typewriter tool a lot and PDF-XChange for PDF:s that have a two-column layout. But, then again, using two PDF-annotators might screw things up even more for me.

I've developed using the PDF XChange API and I must say that I was quite satisfied with both the API and support. I also found that PDF's created with it was among the smallest in size compared to several other PDF creation softwares. Much smaller than Adobe's.


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