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Free PDF tools review?

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Hi all-

How about a review of the best of the free PDF tools out there.  There are a ton of tools that will let you print to PDF, but very few that will do the more important stuff--splitting and merging, etc.  Anyone else like this idea?

review of pdf tools is a great idea - since buying acrobat is not feasible for a lot of people.

Yea, it's a great idea. Lots are listed in various categories at

Not much of a review, but I have tried quite a few of these things, and this (IMHO) is the cream of the crop. Should I post more in 'mini-reviews by members'?

PDF995 is VERY easy to use and the trial version is only limited by popups that ask you if you are tired of the popups yet (and so pay $9.95) This is what I recommend for my CAD customers who can't afford Adobe. No complaints yet.

PDFCreator is what I use. Nice and techy, like I like it. Choose from GPL Ghostscript or AFPL Ghostscript for the encoding. Also does .ps .tif .png .jpg .eps .bmp .pcx. Free

PdfBlender I use for... DUH! merging multiple PDF's. Next version promises pdf splitting. Minimal, clutter-free but intuitive interface. Free

That's my two cents and in my honest opinion, a pretty darn shiny two cents.

edvard i definitely invite you to post more in mini-reviews whenever you get the urge - we need to encourage more user mini-reviews, i think they would be very welcome.

pdfcreator sounds really nice, im going to check it out now (pdfcreator is open source, and author offers more of his open source software for download there - and he requests donations.  remember to support donationware!)


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