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Favorite ZIP/RAR application?

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For the fun of it, and out of curiosity, what is your favorite archiving/compression application? The following seem to be the most popular, among over 100 different ZIP/ACE/7z/RAR apps I could find:

* (01)  7-Zip
* (02)  ALZip
* (03)  IZArc
* (04)  PKZip
* (05)  PowerArchiver
* (06)  PowerZip
* (07)  QuickZip
* (08)  TUGZip
* (09)  WinAce
* (10)  WinRAR
* (11)  WinRK
* (12)  WinZip
* (13)  ZipGenius
* (14)  ZipMagic Deluxe (aka StuffIt)
Yours may not be on the list, but also tell us why you like it; for example, archive speed; ease of use; deploys favorite format; free; or whatever.

I have registered versions of winrar and powerarchiver. Powerarchiver is IMO a crock with little depth, good for a couple of files here and there and for supporting many algorithms but not for heavy duty work.
The best zip utility for me is command line: info-zip's zip and unzip which I use with my fav windows file manager for zipping using a custom menu item. View and unzip being built in (for rar too).

Just tried to zip 70000+ 2-3kb text files with powerarchiver and got nowhere even on the mildest compression settings.
Dl'd winzip and after taking a breath, it jumped straight in and was done in no time.
I have to do a lot of this sort of thing and PA professes do be able to do 100,000s but can't, try a few thou' MAX.

i also sometimes zip up or extract big cd sized directories.
once feature that would be nice (not sure if any have this), would be a "pause/unpause" feature.

WinRAR, WinAce, and 7-Zip all have pause buttons in their compression dialogs. Highly convenient when creating those DVD-sized archives.


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