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Favorite ZIP/RAR application?

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I used 2 use ZipMagic.  It is by far the simplest 2 use because it integrated zips into the windows shell as folders.  I totally forgot that it was running.  The problem is that it doesn't run with XP. :down:

Allume has just re-released ZipMagic and it runs on XP. However, it is (AFAIK) simply a "re-badged" version of Stuff-It 9 i.e. they are both the same product. From what I gather, in future there will be no Stuff-It for Windows - there'll be Stuff-It for Macintosh and ZipMagic for Windows.

So it displays zips as folders?

Did Stuff-It have this functionality?

Hi Skywalka,

Good point... unfortunately, I can't answer that question. I've had Dopus installed for ages and set up as my default File Manager. It offers this feature (treating zip and some other archive files as regular folders) so I never even noted that feature in ZipMagic/Stuff-It 9, which I uninstalled a week or so ago. However, according to Allume one of the new features of Stuff-It, actually listed under a section called "ZipMagic", is that it will allow the user to treat zip files as folders.

One thing I should make clear, is that I was talking about what Allume is calling "ZipMagic Deluxe" (as opposed to ZipMagic 4), which you can view here: According to the website,

"ZipMagic Deluxe 9.0 and StuffIt Deluxe for Windows 9.0 have exactly the same features, so if you are currently using StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 you do not need to upgrade to ZipMagic. You already have the ZipFolders technology and the JPEG compression features that are available in ZipMagic. While Allume will continue selling products on Windows under the StuffIt brand, ZipMagic will become the new brand for Allume's compression products in retail. "


powerdesk and directory opus both also display zips as folders.
maybe all file explorers do this?


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