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startup/tasks manager?

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I use MLins Startup Panel too - excellent tool.

Donation ware too ...  :up:
-Carol Haynes (August 16, 2005, 06:06 PM)
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it's tiny and it's good ;)

I'm glad I'm a packrat and have saved all the PC Magazine utilities I downloaded years ago. They still come in handy, but now I'd have to pay to re-download them. Oh, well....

I also use MLin's Startup Monitor and Startup Control Panel. But the utility I've found the most useful for managing startup configs is Startup Delayer by R2 studios. ( It has no database functionality and doesn't seem to deal with services at all, but what it does it does well. It manages your startup items, and lets you specify a variable delay for each item. Basically, this gives you control over the order of the startup process, and lets you space out the startup of certain apps so they're not all competing for the CPU and HD at the same time. The result is a more responsive machine during startup and (theoretically - I've not tested this) a faster startup time for each item.

The best part is that in addition to spacing out the execution of startup files, it has an interactive mode where you can cancel any item in the startup process. So when I'm working offline on my laptop, I can prevent my firewall software and other internet-specific apps from loading at all.

SD could definitely use a few tweaks - the ability to skip a single process without cancelling everything that follows it, or the option to launch an item immediately instead of waiting for its programmed delay to elapse - but even so I've found this to be a great startup manager.

(My first post as a member, BTW, so hi everybody!  :-[)

- Jimdoria [email protected]>@

welcome Jimdoria! (great first post by the way!) 

i too am a fan of the pc mag utils, and a great hater of their system of having to pay a yearly fee to be able to continue to download them, even the old ones (even if it's not expensive, that just seems wrong).

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wow, nobody mentioned regrun?

check it out!

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