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startup/tasks manager?

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I've been thinking of wintasks pro but I'm wondering if anyone has any positive experiences with this or similar software?
I'm looking for a program that will give me useful information about what startups I have and be able to disable/re-enable them. Also what processes are currently running and what they do.
Wintasks pro is okay and provides a useful database which describes what processes you have running but it's startup manager is poor and provides no such info.
Something like sysinternals process manager and autoruns with a database would be perfect.

i'm pretty sure that "Starter" by codestuff software does what you want, I think it links you to a webpage when you ask it for info on a particular process, or dll, but usefull nonetheless.  Might not be free  I don't remember.

thanks, I'll look into it.

You might try WinPatrol, which comes in both free and shareware (Plus) versions. It sounds like it might be what you're after, though I am not sure that its database is as comprehensive as you might be looking for...

WinPatrol offers information on processes similar to that offered by WinTasks, though it doesn't provide nearly the information that WinTasks does  - it's not really meant to be a Taskman replacement. It organises running tasks, startup tasks, processes, etc. into tabs along the top of the app. window. You can select any startup item, running task, process, etc. and then click a button for more information on it. With the Plus version, you can further select the option of going to the WinPatrol website for more information and analysis.

You can grab it here: (download link) (information)

PS I also own WinTasks Pro and like it a lot. Increasingly, though, I find myself using Taskman instead... WinTasks is powerful but not nearly as configureable as I would like. For example, I find the information that it will display (the columns that you can add to view) limited in terms of its configureability and one of the selling points for me when I bought it - the way it displays running processes paths, etc. now annoys me! I'd like just to be able to sort it and find the exe file name, PERIOD, not have to wade through all the path names or the complete name of the file, including the author's name (svchost.exe rather than Microsoft Service Host Process. Picky, picky, I know). For another, I can't find any means of displaying Virtual Memory usage. I should play around with it more as I can't believe that this isn't an option that's already present.

Haven't tried it as a startup manager. I purchased it as a Taskman replacement and already had WinPatrol for Startup management. Given that I've been following Scott's creed of late and trying to purge my system of bloat (I have multiple file managers, file viewers, archive managers, etc.) perhaps I should revisit this and see if one or the other of these apps is a candidate for removal... Hmmm. Food for thought.

Hope this helps (I have a wicked case of verbal diarrhea, yet have an appalling case of writer's - thinker's - block with my dissertation. Interesting...).


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