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startup/tasks manager?

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pcmag can shove their download subscription right up their khyber pass.
Actually I do have the old startup cop from pcmag. It's okay but I doubt the database was ever updated. The new version has been roundly slated as junk though I have no personal experience.
As for sysinternals... well I mentioned them at the start  ::)

I'm inclined to think there aren't any gems out there and we've actually already covered anything worth contemplating apart from some suites which have these sort of utilities... jv16, ace utils...

Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel
I need say no more...

Except, I have found pcmag software like so...
go to their mag's site, find the software you want and pretend like you are going to download it, at some point it will tell you that you can't download whateveritis.exe unless you have a subscription. Now you have the file name, go Google.

Carol Haynes:
I use MLins Startup Panel too - excellent tool.

Donation ware too ...  :up:

I forgot about Startup Control Panel - that's the app that set me off down this path about 5 years ago. It doesn't have any sort of database associated with it directly or via the Internet though, as far as I can recall...

let me tell you what upset me most about pc magazine.
i was a pc magazine subscriber - and they couldnt be bothered to give their magazine subscribers free access to the software?
not only did i not pay extra for their software but i canceled my subscription.  greed should not be rewarded.


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