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IDEA: an indication that "start-up" is finished

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 :) Replace the CHECKCPULOAD procedure in IdleRun with the code below.


Menu,Tray,Tip,%load% `%
If load>%cputhreshold%
If A_TimeIdlePhysical>=%idleduration%
  If program<>
  If message<>
  If exit=1

Perfect!  Thank You.   :Thmbsup:

Cool stuff...
Skrommel are you updating these things on your web page too?

I've been trying to find an Idle launcher that takes hard drive activity into account.  I haven't found one yet.  Esp. on Vista the stupid explorer or other background tasks can decide they want to scan the drive for 20 minutes so it's not the time to launch a defragger. :)

I've been trying to find stuff about idle detection but about all I've run across is some white paper about the disk driver interacting with power saver policy yadda yadda.  Seems like some of these defraggers that defrag in the background should be detecting it somehow.  Any clues where I could look if I wanted to take a shot at it?

In first place, thanks a lot for your tools, I use'pushmonitoroff' as THE solution to assign a code-key to shut off monitor over my IR control remote. its very handfull.

I am looking for an app wich switches on the fly my windows xp 'power management''s profiles when the cpu turns idle or not idle, I mean:

- when cpu is idle (less than 30%) for 5 minutes turn power mgt to  * 0 - Home/Office desktop  (no need for warns);
- when cpu is not idle (more than 30%)  for 5 minutes turn power mgt to * 5 - Optimized for power saving (no need for warns);

could you figure out if I can apply that on 'cpuidle' ? do you know any app capable of it?

It will be handfull to automate turn on/off asus' cool and quite feature - so I will not need to switch manually everytime I load a heavy app or game, or when I load off these apps.

I really don't know if I can request something here, but anyway its just and idea ok?

thanks in advance and regards mate!


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