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IDEA: an indication that "start-up" is finished

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When Windows starts, we see the desktop, making us think we can do something, when, in fact, all the "cagata" in the startup folder is still loading. Can you give me a green light to say "startup is finished now; get on with it!"
Of course, a display with a "gas gage/speedometer" indicator would be nice too.

Second that. Great idea. I, am not always patient and I often start doing things before startup is completed, thus adding more delays.

Thats a really cool idea DicSavage.. (Welcome to the site by the way!)

I wonder if you could do it simply by have a program that runs at startup and checks for the first prolonged period of minimal cpu use.  Then announces itself, shows dialog, and exits.

Very very fun idea..  Would make a nice NANY challenge submission (

If no one else does it by then, i will.

I'm a little unsure of protocol here, are you saying I should move or copy my message over to the NANY forum?

Nope - here is just fine..
I was just suggesting that one of the readers of this post might decide this is a good project to use for their NANY app.

This is one of those clever little useful ideas that is fun enough to code that it will get coded pretty soon.. now you just wait :)

There are other things that could be added to this:
For example when windows first starts up, the file system directories don't appear to be cached, so the first time you open start menu or browse program files is slow.. might be fun to add an option that would sort of pre-scan common directories in order to bring them into the cache, etc.  In other words just do some things ahead of time to make it so that when the program finally reported that your newly booted pc is "ready for action", it was all primed and fast.


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