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Ha!  FileMenuTools does most of the things named here.
I say that if you REALLY wanted to call a program "ContextMenuCommander" that you would be able to create subgroups of *existing* context menu items inserted by other applications.  There is an application that does this called, "Mmmm" - no joke, that's its name, but it lets you edit anything in the context menu.  It has a free version and a full version.

... called, "Mmmm" - no joke, that's its name, -BGM (October 05, 2012, 08:50 AM)
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-no, it isn't, the name is MMM. And we all loved Hace MMM+, until Vista came along...
But that was many years ago. Are you running XP, BGM?
Besides, you may have skipped the previous page:

I basically stopped working on Context Menu Commander when I came across FileMenu Tools, which seems like mostly the same idea and is freeware/donationware.
-mouser (October 07, 2011, 07:46 AM)
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Ah!  You are right, it is Mmm (I actually purchased the license to Mmm+ back then for my XP), I stand quite corrected.  No, I am running Windows 7 now, and do have FileMenuTools (and now I see that quote from Mouser - no, I didn't all of the thread; guess I should have!).  But what can take the place of Mmm?  ContexMenuCommander is a good name.

I have been using Right Click Enhancer (  Has not blown off my socks and a good enhancer has to be tightly weaved together with managing file extensions.

I have been using FileMenuTools.  It is free and quite versatile.  I wish it could manage ALL the items in the context menu like Mmmm  however.  It will let you remove them, but you can't regroup them like you could in Mmmm.


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