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Compressing files into multiple .zip archives with each .zip being independent

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I had a report of the installer link not working so I updated it to point at my webspace.  I'll also update the second post in the thread so people don't have to read through the whole thing to get to the latest installer.

I just wanted chime in.  I am a lurker here but found your utility while googling for this solution.

skwire - god dammit, you are my hero today.  I have been looking for such a utility for a long, long time.  What's even better is that a) it's free b) portable! c) lightweight.

Feature suggestions: I know 7z is out of the question,  but can we get a .RAR option? :D
ZIP works for some things, RAR works for others!

I'm a hero?  Nice.  Thanks for your kind words.  :D  As for the RAR option, the reason I didn't use RAR intially is the WinRAR license prohibits me from distributing it.  Here's the excerpt from the WinRAR license:

--- ---   5. The RAR/WinRAR unlicensed trial version may be freely distributed,
      with exceptions noted below, provided the distribution package is not
      modified in any way.
      a.  No person or company may distribute separate parts of the package
          with the exception of the UnRAR components, without written
          permission of the copyright owner.
      b.  The RAR/WinRAR unlicensed trial version may not be distributed
          inside of any other software package without written permission
          of the copyright owner.

      c.  Hacks/cracks, keys or key generators may not be included on the
          same distribution.
I could write in the support, with the expectation that the user will provided the necessary files, but this is a kludge and inelegant at best. 

I just skimmed through the entire 4 pages of this thread looking for an answer to the following question, but if it's there I must have missed it. Sorry.

Is there a particular reason why you switched from 7-zip to IZARC? The only reason I saw why you didn't use 7-zip was because one person said he had a client that wouldn't install 7-zip on their machine.

I have (for example) a 232 MB file and when I use SpinZip to compress it with maximum compression (9) it brings it down to 110MB (47% ratio), which is great, but with 7-zip (.7z) on Ultra compression it goes down to 89 MB (38% ratio). I know that 20MB isn't a lot, but if you're talking about 20MB * 100s of files, it can add up to be GBs in saved HDD space.

I would like to request at least an option to compress to the .7z format to take advantage of the better compression ration 7-zip offers.

EDIT: Naturally almost immediately after I posted I found the answer:

I was wondering if you could make a version and add .7z support? Like have an option between .zip and .7z.-DrLucky (October 16, 2008, 09:14 PM)
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I had originally tried using the 7z binary for the backend but there were some things that it couldn't do easily (exactly what escapes me at the's been a while :) so that's why I switched over to the IZarc binary.  Unfortunately, the IZarc command-line binary cannot make 7z files (though the main IZarc application can).-skwire (October 17, 2008, 12:48 AM)
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Still, some part of me hopes that perhaps the 7z binary has improved in the past 3 years to make my request more likely of happening. :D

Still, some part of me hopes that perhaps the 7z binary has improved in the past 3 years to make my request more likely of happening.-Deozaan (March 30, 2010, 03:06 PM)
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I'll take a look, Deo, but don't hold your breath.  Hahahaha.   :P


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