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Compressing files into multiple .zip archives with each .zip being independent

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Anyone know a way to compress about 9000 files into multiple .zip files of 8 MB each?

The individual zip files have to be independent of each other, meaning: each of them should be extractable to get the files inside w/o the necessity of other .zip files.

Thanks for help/ideas.

Since it's the closest post to the top that I can edit, I'm going to hijack it to provide the latest download link for SpinZip.  I had a report of the links pointing at not working properly so please use this link instead:

SpinZip v0.0.9.0

~ORIGINAL POST BELOW~Here's a quick-n-dirty script.  Unzip the attached file to its own folder and run sri-zip.exe (or sri-zip.ahk if you have AutoHotkey installed).  A folder dialog will pop up, select the folder that contains the files you want to zip and click OK.  There's no GUI (except for the tray icon) so a message box will pop up when the app has finished running and you'll find your zips in a "zips" sub-folder of the one you chose when running the script.  Currently, it does no recursion through folders (all your files must be in the folder you chose at the start) so if you want something more configurable, just ask.  I can write up a GUI for it in no time.  Let me know how it works for you.

skwire: I tried the script. It seemed to be working because I could see some temporary folder/file changing its size while the operation was going on. After some time I got a pop up that it's done. But the 'zips' folder is empty.

Are the new .zip files placed some where else? What will their names be? (so I can do a search)

Are the new .zip files placed some where else?
--- End quote ---

Hmmm...they shouldn't be.

What will their names be?
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searched for  :-\


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