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IDEA: Closed Program Bin / Reopen accidentily closed software

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Sometimes you accidentily close a program but then want to retrieve it. Opera browser has a "closed pages bin" that gives access to your closed pages from this session. It would be good to have a "closed software bin" where any program that was closed would go and stay out of sight for a time period (say 60 sec) and then close by itself. if the software was minimized before sending to the closed software bin (could be a tray icon or part of the taskbar) I believe windows frees up memory.

Obvoisly  the point of it all is that you can reopen a program you accidentily closed without losing the information you were working on.

It wouldn't work well with games so perhaps it needs an exception list. Could this be realised? Thanks

this is a very clever idea, but im not sure how you could do it..

They tried to do something similar in WinME...not give up RAM when a program was closed right away...wait a few minutes.

That way if you reopened the same program it would open faster the 2nd time.

It was a disaster...a deliberate "memory leak" with really nasty results.

Minimizing an app to tray would have same effect on your system.

So what you are saying is instead use a program that on close minimizes the software to your tray, and if you really want to close it immediately use a keyboard shortcut like ALT-F4 to bypass this mechanism?

But then you'd end up with dozens of items in your tray that you'd have to manually close. Maybe the implementation is not as straightforward then.

Also, don't forget that if that worked like that, you wouldn't like to keep the apps open, and you'd end up by always closing it through alt + f4 (because you'd create an habbit out of it). This means that you'd be in the exact same situation you are now.
I think that the only solution would be to have a program that would keep a "log" of the programs opened and closed. But i have no idea on how a program could keep such log.


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