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IDEA: Closed Program Bin / Reopen accidentily closed software

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Hmmm... I"m out of my depth here BUT it seems to me that the OP was suggesting that programs be placed in a bin (cache?) for about 60 seconds BEFORE shutting down as normal. That would give you time to go "Oh my gosh! I didn't mean to close AutoCAD!" and retrieve it from the bin before it goes through its normal shutdown sequence. If implemented like this, I can't see how this would lead to a memory leak? If I understand it correctly, the bin would be a GUI that displays links to programs that are in a 60 second queue for normal shutdown - so that essentially all that is being done is that a 60 second delay is being put on the shutdown of apps. This could work, from an end-user's perspective if the option of ignoring some apps (webbrowsers for example) was part of it...

 :) Try this one.

GoneIn60s - Recover closed applications.

 - Click the X or press Alt-F4 to close an application
 - Rightclick the tray icon and select the application to recover
 - Doubleclick the tray icon to recover all applications
 - If not restored, it is gone in 60 seconds

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


Wow, genius! Thanks so much!  :-* Hopefully it will be useful to many others.

 :-[ Thanks! I was wondering about hiding the windows instead of minimizing them. What do you think?


On the one hand it's easy to restore from the taskbar but I find they can still get in the way. hmm can you add them dynamically to the system tray menu  and hide them instead of minimizing them to the taskbar? I don't think people would restore software often enough to have them take up taskbar space.

Also I found that some slower software such as outlook becomes stuck semi transparently for a fraction of a second, a minor niggle really but if you know why? (maybe part of the minimizing animation of windows).


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