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DONE: Keyboard and/or Mouse Movement Simulator

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I still have scheduled tasks kick off.  I give up.

Thanks anyway; I really appreciate it.

I just donated to DonationCoder and Skrommel in appreciation for Noise.exe.  It's great.  It keeps my desired application from thinking the computer is idle perfectly!  I do have a minor problem in that if it is running while I'm actually using the computer, it causes some of my real keystrokes to be upper case here and there.  It would be great if the interval between simulated keystrokes could be changed to some other value.  Every 10 seconds is much faster than I need - for me, every 30 minutes would be fine.  If the delay were configurable then the occasional shifted character wouldn't be so bothersome.  I like to leave Noise running all the time so I don't forget to start it if I am away.  Thanks!!!

 :tellme: Thanks for donating, JxFriday!

But I don't understand why you get shifted keys, as Noise only sends random chars from A and Z. Please try holding down the A key for 20 secs while in Notepad and see what happens.


Just pressing and holding the 'a' key in notepad did not replicate the issue.  Based on my hypothesis that the function of the shift key is what is being interfered with, I came up with a couple tests that do reliably replicate the issue 100% of the time.

Method #1 (simplest):

* Open Notepad
* Be sure Noise.exe is running
* Hold down the shift key and hold any letter key - hold for at least 15 seconds - in 10 seconds or less your stream of capital letters will switch to lowercase.
* Exit Noise.exe and repeat and you will notice that it does not happen.
Method #2 (slightly more complex):

* Start with a big blocK of text in an editor of some sort (notepad, wordpad, etc.)
* Be sure Noise.exe is running
* Position your cursor at the beginning of the block of text
* Hold down your shift key, and then (with the shift key still held), hold down your right arrow key (this will start highlighting the text).
* Keep both keys held for at least 15 seconds.  In about 10 seconds or less you will notice that the highlighting stops and goes away as if you had released the shift key.
* Exit Noise.exe and repeat and you will notice that it does not happen.
I note with some interest that the letters that are generated in the Noise! window are all capital letters.  Perhaps if they were lower case letters it would fix this?

For whatever benefit it may offer, this happens on two different systems I have tried it on - both of which are Windows XP Professional.  I have not tried to replicate the issue on any other operating system.

Hope this helps.


P.S.  Any inappropriate capitalization in the above post was due to the issue at hand, and was left in for purposes of illustration.

I feel stupid - I didn't notice that you actually post the AHK source code on your page along with a link to download the AHK compiler.  I downloaded both and played with the code a little.

First I tried changing the random character ASCII range from 65-90 to 97-122 (a-z instead of A-Z).  This did not fix it.  Then I tried changing it to 32-32 (the space character which is shift-independent), but the problem still happens.

Changing the time between the characters was easy - I changed the SetTimer,MAKENOISE,9999 to SetTimer,MAKENOISE,60000 and that changed the interval to 1 minute.  I don't know what the maximum is, but I'll try 2700000 which should be 45 minutes.

I'll keep hacking on this, but it seems like it is an issue with how AHK stuffs keystrokes.  If I can find a W2K box to test on I'll see if this is limited to Windows XP or if it happens on other operating systems.


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