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DONE: Keyboard and/or Mouse Movement Simulator

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 :o You're absolutely right!

I'll talk to Chris about it, it looks like a bug...


Nope, not a bug.  I just fixed it. 

Change this line:


to read like this:


From the documentation:

When {Blind} is the first item in a Send or ControlSend, the program avoids releasing Alt/Control/Shift/Win if they started out in the down position. For example, the hotkey +s::Send {Blind}abc would send ABC rather than abc because the user is holding down the Shift key.

{Blind} also causes SetStoreCapslockMode to be ignored; that is, the state of Capslock is not changed. Finally, {Blind} omits the following behaviors: 1) prevention of Start Menu appearance during LWin/RWin keystrokes by "disguising" them with a Control keystroke; 2) prevention of menu bar activation during Alt keystrokes by "disguising" them with a Control keystroke.

Blind-mode is used internally when remapping a key. For example, a::b would produce b when you type a, uppercase B when you type A, and Control-B when you type Control-A.

{Blind} is not supported by SendRaw and ControlSendRaw.

--- End quote ---

Now it works flawlessly.  Thanks for the great program!

 ;D Chris of course had a solution!

SetKeyDelay,0,0 should solve the problem.

Download IdleMute v1.1 from my homepage. I've also changed the delay to 1 minute.


 ;D And then there's reading the documentation...

Great job, JxFriday!

Do you want your donation returned?


Do you want your donation returned?
-skrommel (December 01, 2005, 02:05 AM)
--- End quote ---

Absolutely not!  Noise! is a great program.  You did the hard work - I just fixed a teenie little bug.  I wouldn't have had a clue where to even start!

By the way, I changed the random character range to:


so that if I'm holding the shift key, Noise does upper case characters, and if not it does lower case.  With the {Blind} it really doesn't matter, but for whatever reason, it makes the programmer in me happy.

Thanks again!!!


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