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IDEA: Desktop Teleporter

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I know I shouldn't put everything i have on the desktop...too messy...

But i cant help it... :P

It is so easy to just drag things to Desktop or download things to desktop....19 inches of monitor space to drop... :D

So it there any program where you drag/download things to desktop, it will "teleport" to a designated folder making the desktop as empty and clean as an empty mug (OK, maybe some coffee stains :P)


I know that sindrome. A friend of mine keeps filling his Desktop up until there's no space there. It gets damn ugly!

As for your request.. I have a few comments about it.
Do you really want the Desktop to be cleaned exactly when you download the stuff? I mean, it'd make it very easy to save stuff, but way harder to get to it (since you'd have to browse through your computer to get to that other folder where the stuff would be stored).

Also, the other folder would get all the stuff you currently have on the desktop, which wouldn't help much with organization.

So, i have 3 suggestions:

* Have soft links for folders on your computer linked to the desktop.
* Have a program that would store stuff after it's been on the desktop for some time, and store it according to some pattern.
* Use a download manager like Flashget
Now... For option 1, you'd have the folders on your desktop, and when you dropped stuff into them, the stuff would be stored inside those folders, somewhere else in your computer. This'd make you have to organize your stuff, but it'd be as easy as drag and drop. Also, the folders would be stored somewhere else, but quite accessible through the desktop.

For option 2, you'd have something not as organized (since it's impossible for the program that examines the files to identify which ones are which by any other method than their files unless you add some kind of tags to the filenames), but easier to keep.

For option 3, the download manager would ask you which category that download was, and automaticly store it in the right place. (i think the download manager can also store stuff based on the site where the download comes from). This'd make drag-and-drop unnusable, and might not be exactly what you want, but it'd be the more organized solution.

Also, you could do like i do: instead of saving everything, just clicking "open" on the download box, and the stuff gets stored in the browser's temp directory :)

Now, which one do you prefer?

Thanks for putting so much thought into my situation...jgpaiva

I kinda like your option 1 and 2....

But the thing about desktop is that the drag&drop area is so huge, so even if you have a few active windows open, you can still find a space to drop your for option 1, i will need to shift the windows out of the way to show the soft link folder then drag and drop into it.

Option 2 will be like the "Unused Desktop shortcut" thingy that XP sometimes performed, maybe i can explore that to see if i can customised it to run at a more frequent schedule....


How did i guess that the option that you'd most like would be option 2? :P

You're right about option 1, it might force you to move the windows.

I also think that option 2 might be the best compromise between easiness of use and computer organization. Now... Let's try something:
Either someone is so kind as to post a program that will do that (i don't think that the unnused shortcuts will help you here) or someone does the script to do it, or i do it myself ;)

Also, notice that your request can be acomplished if you'd prefer it. I can make a script that will monitor the desktop for changes and move the file to another folder as soon as it's dropped there. Do you think that this is the best solution?

Log Monitor might also be able to do what you want:


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