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IDEA: Desktop Teleporter

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Try MoveOut v1.2.
-skrommel (April 07, 2007, 12:09 PM)
--- End quote --- wrote about skrommel's MoveOut in Move Files Automatically.

 :) Just uploaded MoveOut v1.3.

- Creates the target folder before moving files.


First of all, let me to thank you MoveOut. I've always searched for an application like yours. It's great and very customizable and easy to use. Thanks!

+ it's not working with multiple extensions (not just extensions).
For example.: *setup*.exe,*install*.exe,*.msi,*setup*.* and I don't know why...

+ if there is an alone criteria like: *setup*.exe won't work on a file name when it's starting with setup*.exe

+ plus an other bug is connected with the upper letters... I have a Setup_rapidshare.Exe and any of the *.exe or *setup*.* will not work on it.

Maybe the problems above is only occured on my computer, so please feel free to correct me if it's my fault.

+ IDEA : move folder option like: in the insert menu put a click box under target like:
[ ] files (if it's unchecked)
[x] folder (if it's checked)
becouse I need to move folders like files or merge folders contents and it will be very handy if we can do someting like that.

After all it's still the best software to use with my every day.

Bálint Nagy

Ps.: Sorry for my english but if i can help you to make your program better, with posting i will write :) .

 :) It's some time since I made MoveOut, but I could have a look at it again.

- It doesn't support multiple extensions, you have to make multiple rules for now.
:tellme: - I can't reproduce the *setup*.exe error or the captial letters error in XP on an NTFS filesystem.


Well, belive me it could be one of the world's most used programs, if you could define some new features.

- Multiple extensions :)
- move / copy / merge folders with subfolders and files (overwrite option if same file/folder exist)
- user defined schedule for every rule (example: daily, weekly, hourly or in every minute)
- rename options for rules - different for every rule - (like: add date to filename or folder(for folders only the main folder should be renamed) - myfile_2009_05_09.jpg AND/OR capitalize.... but there is plenty of them)

and if you could do these changes, belive me most downloader and everyday user who need to sort some files will use your program. (I'm using it to sort the files downloaded from the internet onto my desktop) And if you will (or you could) do these changes you will have to rethink the name of the application - becouse it will be a file and folder sorter :) not just a mover!!! Most user will search for a keyword like -file sorter or file organizer- or someting like that. So could be (SortIT) But it's your decision becouse the owner and writer has the previlege to name his app.


PS.: about the *setup*.exe it's working since there is no multiple extension rule (if there was, sometimes working rules didn't worked - it depended on the order of rules)


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