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DONE: Make window transparent when moving it.

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When moving a window, (Click + Drag), the window becomes semi-transparent. That's all.

Can be done?  ;)

There's a Display setting, under Appearances>Effects, that toggles "show window contents while dragging".  If you turn this off, is this what you want?

uh, no. I just want the window the be alpha-transparent, maybe 50%, while the window is moved with the cursor.

there's plenty of free utils that can do this - i thought someone would have mentioned one by now.

OR, i might be just mistaking it with the way nvidia cards can do it with the options they add to the display properties config.

if i remember the name of a program that does it, i'll post again.

I have tried to do this in ahk (it's about 10 lines of code), but my first experiment didn't work, possibly because of a, ahk bug (or i'm really dumb).
I'll post in the ahk forum the info about this to see if i get any response.


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