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GroffStudio under Windows 10?

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I have been looking for a Groff IDE forever-- thank you for your work!  However, I can't make GroffStudio work under Windows 10-- the program won't open after clicking on the .exe file.  I have placed the .dlls in the System and System32 folders, kept the .dlls in the working directory-- I can't figure this out.  Any advice would be much appreciated!  Thanks--

Uh... hi.  ;D Sorry, I missed this thread completely!
It "won't open"? Do you have an anti-virus software that blocks it, maybe?

Thanks so much for getting back to me!  When I double click on the .exe, I get a minimized icon ("quick start"), and when I hover the mouse over it, I get a blank mini-groffstudio window, and when I click on the minimized icon, nothing happens.  I have "allowed" the program in my Avast AntiVirus/Firewall-- what could I be doing wrong?  Lou

This is a pretty good question, especially as groffstudio does not have a "quick start".  :huh:
"Works for me" is probably not a good answer.

Have you restarted your PC recently? Surprisingly, that fixes a lot of things sometimes... if that does not work, we'll have to dig deeper, I'm afraid.

Just restarted the computer, same issue-- forgive me, it's the "Taskbar" where the groffstudio icon is underlined, like any other open program.  But there is no big main window!


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