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GroffStudio under Windows 10?

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Here goes:GroffStudio under Windows 10?

Ugh. My icon skills...  ;D

Anyway, I still suspect some "security" software to chime in. Is there anything suspicious in Avast's logs?
Other than that ... which .exe did you download (e.g. where and when)?

(Off for the night - Germany here - time zones - will reply later!)

Again, thanks for your patience and help!  I will scour my computer for offending security software, I will post again tomorrow!  Good night, Lou

Sorry-- "studio-win-0.12.0", downloaded today, unzipped in it's own folder without a groff.exe (hoping to download it through GroffStudio)-- in the folder, there is only the .exe with two .dlls.

If everything else fails, I might try to build a new version from the current sources and attach it here. Not before tomorrow though.


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