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Multiple Android app instances



I have a sensor that connects to an Android mobile via bluetooth and I can operate the sensor using the Android mobile via an Android sensor app.

I need to be able to operate five of these sensors. Unfortunately each sensor can match to one instance of the app so one Android phone.

Is there a cheap way to operate these five sensors? I can buy 5 cheap Android phones and install the Sensor app on each but I hope there is a cheaper solution?


Is there a cheap way to operate these five sensors?
-kalos (August 14, 2022, 03:43 PM)
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Ask the developer of that software to fix that, it seems like quite a severe and unneeded limitation.

Unfortunately it's not possible.

By the way I checked my Xiaomi's Dual Apps feature:
1) while I enabled Dual Apps for that particular app, it says it is blocked to install it on my phone (I already have installed one version which works fine)
2) it does not seem to allow me to install 5 instances of the app but only one

Hello! You may want to try the ones @ "Using Third-Party Cloning Apps" from this article:


Unfortunately it's not possible.
-kalos (August 14, 2022, 04:17 PM)
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Have you really asked 'm? Your response is a bit too quick to have gotten a honest reply from the developer(s).


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