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Is it possible to get the file download link from a non-browser app?



I have a java applet jnlp file that downloads some files. Is it possible to see the underlying download link when I download these files?
Ideally the whole HTTPS request?

I checked pktmon but it seems it does not do that out of the box.

Is there a free solution preferably native to Win?


If you know how to filter, WireShark is more or less the be all, end all of network traffic inspection. While the filtering in and of itself isn't hard to do, applying proper filters could be. Which is why most people say it has a pretty steep learning curve.

WireShark is available for free on Windows.

For those that don't want to go through that hassle: NetworkMiner (this software already existed before mining crypto coins became a thing). Much less steep, also much less comprehensive than WireShark. But you might have quicker results with this one.

NetworkMiner is available for free on Windows. There is also a commercially licensed version of NetworkMiner, but that sets you back 1200 USD.

Both software packages require you to install a network capture tool, called: Npcap (for Windows 10 and 11). Earlier versions of Windows can still use Winpcap. Also freely available for Windows.

Can't point it out much clearer than this: use of this type of software is not simple. And don't expect much further help with that type of software unless you show you have done research about computer networking. For work, I am familiar with the tools I mentioned. Never had a need for something simpler, so I never looked further. Surely others may offer up simpler tools, but with the tools above you have at least something to work with.

Thanks but that I am quite limited on what I can install so I cannot really use anything so invasive as a driver (I remember installing WinpCap more than 15 years ago and it was like a proper driver).

A workaround would be great  :-\

UPDATE: digged this looks promising but how can it really work without messing with the network adapter? it seems like a proxy which sounds very interesting!

That membrane software software is java-based software/API for purposes like converting SOAP calls to REST calls, act as a SOAP (reverse) proxy, OAuth2 and running other software/services in a virtualization setup.

None of those are really related to what you wish to accomplish with the original question. So, your original question is either wrong or missing a lot of information. Pretty safe bet it is the latter.

Mmm, basically the window of the app is a SunAwtFrame and it has a button that when I click it, a file is generated/extracted and downloaded. I want to know the url of that file. Unfortunately, Excel does not seem to store it and AutoIt Info tool does not provide any hint.


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