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Opinions requested on my new YouTube Video Series

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I'm not the expert, but a couple of ideas to consider for those searching for info:
you could improve some of the names (although maybe you have it covered with tags?).
1. Is there a meaningful reason for the strange numbering with letters?
2. e.g. "camera lenses" could be expanded with the info that it's in connection with video (although, in fairness it's good info for anyone new to cameras..)

It's a good point, the numbers for the different videos are weird. The numbers are based on the outline I prepared ahead of time, so when I ended up making multiple videos for a section I ended up with like 3a,3b,3c.  If I was posting the course on some site made for courses it would probably be a little easier to organize everything -- with YouTube the best I can do is make a playlist but people will still probably be jumping into it randomly.


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