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Opinions requested on my new YouTube Video Series

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I've recorded a 5+ hour (16 part?) video series called "Micro-studio Boardgame Video Production":

First episode:

It covers most of what I've learned in the last year.

It's not live yet, I still have another 10 days or so before I make it live, and I'd love any feedback about things that I should fix before making it live!
Let me know your suggestions.

I'm probably not going to watch the whole series because it's not really my area of expertise or interest really, but I've watched the first three so far and they seem fine. I can't really vouch for the accuracy of the content, but everything else seems technically sound from my amateur/layman perspective. So with that in mind I have only a couple of nitpicks, which are not super important to change.

In the first video (VC1), you've phrased something in a way that feels very awkward to me. You put text on the screen and say out loud "what is this video not?" But it seems more natural to phrase it as "what this video is not" instead.

At the end of the third video (VC3a), when showing webcam quality issues, you have some text on the screen which says something like "when focus is on person, mic is in frame." You were probably trying to be succinct due to lack of space on screen for all that text, but "on person" came across as odd to me and I had to read it twice before my brain processed it correctly. I think it would instantly be clearer if it said "on a person" or "on the person" to sound more natural. Or maybe you can just change it to "on people" instead.

EDIT: I'm partway through the 4th video (VC3b) and you were showing off different focal points of the camera. There was a part where you made yourself a bit blurry and focused on the board and said something to the effect of "you'd need to ask yourself if the person is too blurry." Then there was a hard cut to black and a change of topic. That felt a little abrupt to me, and seemed like it was going somewhere but then suddenly changed direction. I think a simple closing remark to wrap up that segment might help it feel a little more natural. Something like, "this is something you'll have to experiment with and decide for yourself what works best for your purposes." Then it can fade to black and fade back in to the next topic.

Again, these are just nitpicks. I think the videos are fine how they are even if you don't change anything.

Thanks, Deo, for your excellent suggestions -- much appreciated  :Thmbsup:

I just looked at the photography related videos -- and found them very good. I have a Panasonic interchangeable lens camera myself, and learned to take photographs on an SLR camera that just had manual. So I knew a lot of what you were saying -- but l knew next to nothing about video, and learned a lot there.

There was nothing that jumped out at me as needing to be changed. But it would be good to get an opinion from someone who's interested, but knows very little about using cameras.

By they way, the series is now live and public.
I don't really know any good way to tell people about it, so if you think you know someone who would benefit from it please share a link with them!


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