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feature request_have the tray-icon change color when capture is suspended


Hello! I just now joined up so that I can offer a feature request for Automatic Screenshotter.
Here is a copy-paste of a comment I left over at gHacks Tech News:

Thank you for making available this very handy utility. I use it sparely, but when I need it, it’s there for me — and never (hardly never) a problem.
There is one thing that I would like to see implemented. I am VERY forgetful, so sometimes I suspend captures for a few minutes, but then I forget that I suspended capturing. I go to the folder, and there’s nothing there! Then I right-click the tray Screenshotter icon and sure enough, capturing is suspended. Rats!
So might it be possible for you to add a blinking feature to the tray icon. Or maybe change its color to red when capturing is suspended? Ideally, I would like an option that has an alarm sound every five, ten fifteen, etc. minutes. Nothing loud, but a reminder that capturing is inactive.
That’s it. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for Automatic Screenshotter.


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