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Valve Announces Steam Deck: A Handheld PC

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Valve Announces Steam Deck: A Handheld PC

Valve have announced a new, portable PC with built-in gamepad which looks very much like the Nintendo Switch. It will come with a custom version of SteamOS installed, designed to run games using your Steam library. But it's a full PC, meaning it can also be docked to a TV or monitor and other peripherals (keyboard, mouse, other gamepads) using a USB hub or Bluetooth. And you could even install Windows or other Linux distributions on it.

All the internal hardware of the various models is the same except for the internal storage, which results in a 64 GB (eMMC) model for $400, a 256 GB (NVMe) model for $530, and a 512 GB (even faster NVMe than the 256) model for $650 which also has an anti-glare screen. That said, all three will include a MicroSD slot to allow for even more storage.

Here's a pretty good video overview of all the pertinent details.

Reserving requires a $5 deposit (which will be put toward the final price once you purchase) and will put you on the waiting list, which currently appears to be full until Q2-Q3 of 2022 depending on which model you want.

I decided to reserve one even though I'm still on the fence about it, because at this point I'll have about a year to cancel if I change my mind.

For more details and to reserve one for yourself, see:

Yeah, I reserved a 512G as soon as it hit.

Major props to Valve for their consumer-friendly attitude!

They just released a video greatly discouraging disassembling the Deck, while showing how to do it as safely as possible.

I like the non-subtle emphasis on the negative words.

That's awesome.  More of this from companies please.


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