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Copy files to another folder when they appear

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I've got a new notebook, a Huawei MateBook D14.

Not all drivers are available for download at Huawei's site :-/

To get and install all of them you can use their software "PC Manager" (which I seriously don't want to use, at least, not twice!).

The problem is: When the software downloads the drivers it doesn't keep them so you can copy them over manually.

So: Has anybody used a software that is able to watch a folder (including subfolders) for new files and once they exist (fully) copy them over to a target folder automatically?

--- ---C:\ProgramData\Comms\PCManager\DriverUpgrade\Update\Downloaded\This folder is used for storing the downloaded drivers temporarily

I need to watch (only) this one (and all created subfolders) for new .exe files.

And once a new file is stored there it is e.g. copied to

--- ---D:\dst\<new file.<ext>>
It needs to do the copying immediately so no "scan a folder every 5 seconds"...

Any suggestions (something that you've used personally and worked fine for such a usecase)?

Freeware + portable preferred but I'm willing to install it (once) and would even pay something for it...

I've tested a few now and settled with "FolderChangesView"
It works absolutely fine and creates files like:

--- ---D:\dst\NobelB_BT_21.50.1.1.exewhich is the bluetooth driver...

If anyone is wondering: This is the necessary setup:
Copy files to another folder when they appear

FastCopy is not installed but portable
The destination (/to=<path>) doesn't need to exist, FolderChangesView will create it automatically

I've historically used Pneumatic Tubes (which I'm still using) and Belvedere, but it seems like you've already found your solution!

I've tested a few now and settled with "FolderChangesView"-highend01 (April 25, 2021, 12:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'm impressed you found that, because with that name, I'd have assumed it was a changes tracker, not a program for actually copying.

What other ones did you try?  I would have suggested NewFileGo by joejoesoft, but haven't actually tried it out.

I've tested a few now and settled with "FolderChangesView"
-highend01 (April 25, 2021, 12:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

I also use this and so far I've never had a reason t complain. Very recommendable! Good thing bringing this up.


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