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Does this site maintain an IRC channel?
I thought I saw something about a donation chart?  Where is it?  I'll donate but I would like to have a framework to pick from first.
-DM_Deleter (June 27, 2013, 08:38 AM)
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There is indeed an IRC channel, see:

As for donations, there are no tiers or anything. It's open. An interesting thing about the donation system here is you essentially get your donation back in the form of credits, which you can distribute as you see fit -- given, for example, to a member who authored a program you find useful or helped you solve a problem. See the donations page. for more information

Edit: There is a chart!

1) Does this site maintain an IRC channel?
2) I thought I saw something about a donation chart?  Where is it?
3) Do you have a "Follow this thread"?
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hi DM_Deleter

1) web IRC is here
This channel is located in #donationcoder on the efnet network.
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2) dunno :D

3) If you open a thread on the top right of first post are a series of options (they also show bottom of page)

[I see allen got there first...]

Thanks, allen and  tomos for the info.  As a retired teacher, the $100,000,000 mark is just a bit away from my pension.  However $40 dollars US ($ 41.92 CAD) isn't too far out of line.  I'll look the site over and will make a donation then.  I looked at the donation page and I really don't understand how you could ever think of giving the donation back - "to promptly refund your entire site donation, and absorb the payment fees, no questions asked".  That boggles the mind - my mind at least. 
Next question is "the payment fee".  What do you mean by that?  Do we also pay for services or programs?  Not that that would be out of line but that part was confusing.  Hell, the whole idea of money back is a little out there!.
Okay, I tried out the chat. 
Anyway things look great so far.

Next question is "the payment fee" What do you mean by that?.
-DM_Deleter (June 27, 2013, 01:42 PM)
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That's the fee that gets charged to Donation Coder to process somebody's donation payment. Card processing companies and PayPal don't work for free. The fee gets deducted from the donation as a service change, and Donation Coder gets the balance.


DC:  I am a novice to this site.   I would like to make a donation to obtain the free lifetime access
but would also like receipt that I can use for the IRS next April.   Is that automatic or
do I have to request it.  Like your concept. 
Many thanks,
George, Retired in Escondido, CA  USA


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