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New Visitors to Our Forum - Please Read This First

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-tshsp0723 (November 12, 2009, 04:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Google translation.. :-\


Thank You, software is working good, and I'm still handsome; so all is good with the world. :Thmbsup:

PeterRossy:'s good if he had read the title even.
Just one question: why is this guy writing in Korean if he could translate his reply?
Probably he is very high-minded? :-[

Hi, I just found your website through a link on another site. I think you have a great idea going on here!-maryanndennis (December 20, 2007, 01:32 PM)
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Yep, skies alive only knows how I got here. But I think there's a market for "weird little apps".

Whew.  Lot of different things to take note of.  As for me, I'm retired and love looking at new programs and such.  I found this place because of a GAOTD site.
I hope I didn't mess up any rules there.  Forgot to look for rules first before posting. 
Questions?  Oh yes, I have a couple.
Does this site maintain an IRC channel?
I thought I saw something about a donation chart?  Where is it?  I'll donate but I would like to have a framework to pick from first.
I'll even stay connected for a while to see if my comment is answered soon.  That leads to another question.  Do you have a "Follow this thread"?  I didn't notice one yet.
Oh, there must be other questions I could ask but I've forgot them.
Oh, and I do not speak Korean either.  i hope someone contacted Sucky to tell him how.
That's enough for now.   I'm not an overly aggressive poster.  But when I do post it is usually of the long worded type - Beware.


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