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Cannot claim free space in C:\

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Hello guys, i thought i would post my problem here. Since Google didn't show many results.
U see my problem is my C:\ is 200 GB which is quite less for Win7.
I h' portable drive to make a backup of my data. Which i do and its going okay.
But whenever i download some movies to drive C:\ it occupies some space and over time it becomes quite full
but i also delete those files which r on C:\; but when i check the details it doesn't show the amount of free space available.
Please see snapshot.
Cannot claim free space in C:\
So as it doesn't do that, i end up with more and more used space, i don't know what i should do to
claim those free spaces. At one time, my available free space was only 11 MB and Win7 showed some errors. But
it quite did not claim the free space. So eventually i reverted back to the snapshot that was fresh and still working with
lots of space. Due to this problem i h' to go back to previous snapshot again and again. (I use Rollback Rx for that).

So guys hope it was understandable, how do i fix this.
Please do not tell me to use Disk Cleanup tool as i h' already done that and it shows only 200 MB of file to be deleted.
Where as i am talking about 80-90 GB of space. Refresh button doesn't help.


WizTree - Find out where the space is being used first.

^ What 4wd said - Wiztree. First pane shows where the space is being used. Second pane is top 1000 largest files. Between the two of them you'll get a better picture of what's used where.

WizTree - Find out where the space is being used first.
-4wd (March 30, 2021, 02:05 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thank u for the link, i already h' SpaceSniffer. Although i did use that in the past. Without much success.
As this tool is doing the same. It shows all the files but those are important or video files.
I just deleted The.Lord.of.the.Rings BluRip that was 6 GB but the Windows Explorer didn't show any decrease in the
file size. So i m thinking maybe i installed some program that is encouraging this behavior, for that i need to restore the
snapshot many time to see the changes.
But even there is a reason behind it, could anyone suggest something. :-[

Carol Haynes:
Try running CHKDSK C: /R in PowerShell (you will need to restart).

Sometimes if there are issues with the file map on the drive space remains marked as in use after deleting files.

You could also use the built in Windows utility Disk Cleanup from the start menu (just click start and type Disk and it will popup, run it and click Clean System Files). If you have old leftover windows installations after updates they take up a lot of space (sometimes 30Gb+). Note it can take a long time to delete some stuff so be patient.


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