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DC Weekly Tech News HAS RETURNED! [Episode 2 Linked Within!]

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The long-missing DC Weekly Tech News Roundup has returned...IN THE FORM OF A PODCAST!

I have decided to reboot the weekly DC Tech News as "Kynlos Tech News", as a podcast available on the link below:

The SECOND episode is LIVE right now!.

Any suggestions, comments, feedback etc is greatly appreciated.

If anybody would be interested in me posting a transcript for each episode, then please let me know!

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Latest Episode Outline:

Episode 2 - Oct 4th 2020

A brief look at this week's Tech News.  Brought to you by

In this weeks episode, we discuss the Jet Pack Paramedics & Amazon Prime Day. We also take a look at the latest discovery of water on Mars and the upcoming Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service. We then finally discuss Among Us and the Farewell of Farmville!


Jetpack Paramedics:

Amazon Prime Day:


Water on Mars:


Amazon Luna:

Among Us:



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Pretty neat! Nice to see something like this again.

I kind of miss the old DC podcast intro/exit music though...

Please post updates here so I don't miss future episodes. :Thmbsup:

Thanks for the kind words!

I will post here, and on the DC Discord when new episodes are live!

not bad (wasn't expecting that accent though  ;D ;D ;D)

might be an idea to provide an outline of the content so we know what to expect (I'm not a console guy, so this one was largely lost on me)

The webpage that it's hosted on shows an outline of the episode with relevant links to the stories :p

I can post them here in the future though if people would like!

Thanks for listening!


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