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Screenshot Captor, Main Form is closing after minimize

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Hello, after minimize Main Form, Main Form is closing, there's a possibility in Settings to prevent closing please?

Regards, James48

Are you sure that SC is closed when you press minimize or you just did not know that it hides to windows notification area on taskbar?

Hello, thank you.

I'm pretty sure he's really closing. When using SC, the SC icon is placed in Taskbar, when enter on this Taskbar Icon, SC is Closing,
SC is also closing when enter Windows Minimize in SC Main Form?
See Appendix, please.


I am sorry, I was not able to reproduce your behavior.
I did just in this moment tested with latest portable version

I wonder why your Notify Icon is yellow, mine is always Blue.

Anyway, I tested with "Minimize" and "Close", both do not take any effect on Notify Icon.

For now I can't be of any help to that matter, sorry!

My Testmachine:
Windows 10 x64 with latest updates installed.
ScreenshotCapture portable unregistered.

It is possible that the OP checked the option 'Hide tray icon completely', but as the rest of the caption says, that's not recommended, so this option should better be unchecked.

This option is on the 'Miscellaneous Tweaks' preferences page.


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