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Screenshot Captor, Main Form is closing after minimize

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It is possible that the OP checked the option 'Hide tray icon completely', but as the rest of the caption says, that's not recommended, so this option should better be unchecked.
-Ath (August 26, 2020, 05:53 AM)
--- End quote ---
But than he would not be able to integrate Notify Icon on screenshot, or am I wrong?

Another suggestion from me to find out more would be:
Use a third party tool like ProcessHacker, open ScreenshotCapture, open ProcessHacker (or similar)

Find inside Hacker ScreenshotCaptor Process and let that Window open.
Open SC Window and do like you did (press minimize or such), is now the process terminated?

Hello, thank you for all the attention. I've send you a Word file as rar, with my personal Screenshot Captor settings, I hope you discover a Settings failure?

Regards, James48

@james48 if the SC icon stays in the system tray after closing the main windows, it means that SC is still running.
You want the window to minimise to the taskbar? AFAIK this not possible.
Like KodeZwerg, I wonder why the SC tray icon is yellow (anyone ?)

Hello Tom, I dragged the Screenshot Captor Icon from Hidden below it to the Taskbar, when I am taking a Screenshot, the Icon is yellow, when taking a Screenshot is done the Icon color is back to normal, if I minimize SC, and then I double click on the Icon, it will come straight reappear! It also works from the hidden situation.

But before, I remember, it was also possible to click on the Icon on the standard Taskbar, but now the SC Icon is moving to the right corner below.

For me this Topic is solved

Many thanks for all the help of you all.

Regards, James48


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