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Show brief message on screen

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I use a screen capture program from this site. 

Issue is: Not sure the screen capture actually happened.

Request: Small program to show temporary message on screen.

Time to show message: Around 3 seconds.

Message: Capture successful.

Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Nicholas Kormanik

Screenshot Captor has options to: 1. play sound on capture; 2. show system tray message saying when a capture is made.

For some weird reason the balloon never comes up on my system.  Thus the request. (Possibly such messages/notifications are turned off by Windows?)

I want to use the "Invoke" the command (see mouser's screenshot above) to run the tiny program to show message on screen, say, for around three seconds.  Just to make sure.

(Possibly such messages/notifications are turned off by Windows?)
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Can you try to bring up the customize dialog for Notification Area (system tray), and tell it to "Show icon and Notifications" for Screenshot Captor).

Notifications are on.  Screenshot Captor not listed among those able to 'customize'.

Show brief message on screen


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