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Show brief message on screen

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Do any notifications work for you? From anything? If not, make sure you don't have Focus Assist enabled, as that will also disable notifications.

I manually toggled it on near the beginning of the year (thinking it would automatically disable after my configured "quiet hours" ended) and forgot about it for months before realizing why I hadn't been seeing any notifications at all on my system during that time. :-[

I try to keep off notifications in general.  But of course I want to see Screenshot Captor's....

Or, as stated at outset, a message that capture was successful.

It was wise of mouser to put in the "Invoke" capability.  Terrific option to have available.


FYI and more.

Spoilernotice.exe -extract:notice.ps1

4wd, is that cool, or what.  You always seem to come up with good solutions.  My man!

Here's another little approach I discovered....

Screenshot Successful.vbs:

WScript.Timeout = 3
x=msgbox("Screenshot Capture Successful!",0,"Great news....")

Place the above two lines into a blank text file.  Rename text file to .vbs extension.

Place full path and filename into mouser's "Invoke..." box.  Apply.  Save.


Show brief message on screen

4wd, how did you get the .exe file?


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