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Hi there. First of all, I don't know if I'm posting in the right forum, sorry if I got it wrong.

Now to the question: from time to time I'm in the need of an application that would change the way I copy/paste. Something that has a history of objects that had been on the clipboard, so that I can access them later quickly, without the need of using my mouse. About 5 years ago, I browsed entire categories from,, and some other software indexing sites looking for a tool that performed these tasks efficiently, but found none. Now, I was about to do that again until I remembered about these forums and that most of you guys like exploring new tools, so maybe you already know such tool, and can help me out with suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

What capabilities do you need, and how much are you willing to spend?

I use ClipMate, and while some things about it annoy me, I haven't found anything better.  Some freeware options like ClipX are fast, but don't have all the features, of course.

I've also used ClipCache, and it's not too bad.

I'd just like to add a word about ClipMate ($29.95 US - There are a number of alternative shareware and freeware Clipboard extenders but this is the best that I have tried.

You can do all sorts of things with it, including having it organise your "clips" into categories. You can save passwords and serial numbers and so on in "safe" folders (encrypted) and you can edit your clips before pasting. The editing feature includes a "cleanup" feature that will, for example, automatically remove the chevrons (>) from quoted e-mail text, change the case of text, remove linebreaks, etc. Of course, this may be overkill...

One complaint is that its unicode support is limited.

All in all, after using a clipboard extender for 18 months, I'd find it hard to function without one now.


trying both clipmate and clipcache i have to say i think clipcache is underrated.

i'd say that clipcache has the better hotkey support by far - and for this kind of application that makes a great deal of sense to me.

or have i just been lazy and not looked into clipmate deep enough.

i find clipcache the more immediate to use when retrieving stored information. a quick tap of ctrl+` brings up a small menu of all recently snapped information in the clipboard plus a list of my frequently used items that i often paste into things. it's easy to select one of these from the menu just by using the arrow keys or the mouse.

if clipmate has something as simple to use i might swap over to it - i couldn't find anything last time i tried, though.

my 2 cents on clipboard tools:

i use them for 1 and only 1 purpose, to keep a history of stuff copied into clipboard so i can go back and grab something old that i lost,
and so that if app crashes i can retrieve text from clipboard.

so in that sense, almost any tool would be sufficient.

the only problem ive found that my windows system sometimes loses the connection with the clipboard tool, and needs to be "repaired" through the tool.  so if you are like me you might want to just look for a freeware tool, but look for one written by an author with some experience with reliable connections to clipboard chain so you dont lose the connections.

i've been trying clipmate myself - its wayyyy overkill for me, but it does seem able to maintain a good clipboard chain connection and i like having it make a sound when i copy stuff to clipboard so i know it got it.

i'd love to hear some recommendations for free clipboard tool.

oh and ability to search for text would be nice.


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