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Clipboard manager

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ClipX (as mentioned above) is the best freeware clipboard tool I have used.

ClipMate supports hotkeys; you just need to configure it, or figure out what the default hotkeys are.  I have Ctrl+Shift+Q set to bring up "quick paste" window.  There is another hotkey you can use, once there, to switch among your categories (try F6).  The ClipMate Explorer has a different hotkey, and I use F6 to switch between categories there.

do any clipboard tools group clips by application you are in when you do the copy? if not, that's a shame..
i wonder if i could whip up such a clipboard tool in a weekend.

EDIT: i see clipmate does this :)

Yeah, and that's an important feature.  Some applications contain sensitive data that you don't want stashed away in another database, or on the clipboard for eons.  ClipMate lets you prevent clips from being collected by individual applications.

This forum/site is fantastic. Through posting a (clumsy) comment about Clipmate here I've already benefited from Scott's superior knowledge of the app. This is a lame thing to admit, especially after two years of using Clipmate, but I didn't know you could hit ctrl-shift-q and select from a navigable menu the clip that you want to insert. I've been content to double click the system tray icon and select from the Clipmate Explorer. What a dolt!

Thanks, Scott.

Thanks, too, to Nudone for prompting me to revisit ClipCache after a long absence. Looks like a very good alternative.



nudone was just saying this in his last column, how all of us use apps for years and there are still things we never discover; it's nice to have a place where people who love using tools well can share discoveries.


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