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Including some scripts with next version

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I was thinking it would be nice to add some ability to add functions that you could run through F&R robot,
like to be able to things like shutdown computer, etc.

but i was thinking maybe the cleanest most flexible way to do this is not to reinvent new features in f&r but rather use windows scripting and the normal ability of F&R to search shortcuts, and just maybe make it a tiny bit easier to work with.

so i was thinking to include with the next version some basic scripts in a subdir called Scripts, and automatically add this directory by default at the top of the search list with a reasonably high score bias.

scripts might include things like shutting down the computer, or performing operations like reporting disk usage, etc.

so you would hit break and then type "shutdown" and it would find the shutdown script and show it at top, etc.

if anyone has any scripts to recommend or can help me find scripts that would be useful i'd be happy to add them to the next release.

i could also add some minimal functionality to aid in working with scripts (ie editing and adding new ones).


Default scripts would be a cool idea.  I dont really know what all scripting can do so I cant give a list of actions that would be nice to perform, but I think that possibly the most useful "feature" would be to include enough samples and give good references on how to script (not necessarily written down in the help file, but could be references to websites).  This way, you could show people the power of scripting and give them the tools to get started. 

That being said, one thing I noticed in other programs is the ability to launch two or more programs in a certain order with a given delay.  I personally dont find this too useful but it would be something that the user would be forced to change to accomodate his needs (thus introducing him to scripting in a non-threatening way!).  Just some ideas,


Another thought crossed my mind... what about launching websites?  I dont know if scripts would handle this or you could have FindRun do it but it would be neat to be able to type "" and have FindRun open the default browser and go to the site. 


thats a good idea, i will add it.
you can already have it search your ie favorites and launch them by clicking them,
just like launching any app.

but i think i will add the ability to type in a url directly.

i think i will also add ability to specify a custom file explorer and web browser for use in such operations and explore operations.

maybe it would also be possbile to search for something...and when you find assign it an alias...for easy finding. click right mouse button on a result and assign it a name....; next can be also found by that alias.

what do you think?



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