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Pandemic Quarantine DonationCoder Zoom Meet and Greet May 2nd

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What does everyone think about having a super short 10 minute zoom meeting open to all donationcoder folks?
Just to say hello and put face and voice to forum nickname and do something weird?

We'll just all go around and say our names and say hello and then quickly sign off before we feel too nervous.

* Date: Saturday, May 2nd
* Time: 4pm central standard US time (forum time)
Who's in?

Don't mind a meet-n-greet, Zoom I rather stay away from. Yet, there are few alternatives for big(ger) meetings.

Let's go with zoom for this first meeting, since I am set up for it.

For those that have never used Zoom, it's a multi-user video/audio chat program for holding meetings online.
You can install the free client, OR just run it via the web without installing anything.

We have a discord channel already too and it supports such.

Stoic Joker:
I'd be game, if I can remember to do it.


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