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A similar function to Listary's Quick Switch function?

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From the file dialog it is also possible to copy the path and then start farr with that path

To select the path from the top most input field press

6 times [Tab] followed by [Enter]

The path is now selected so you can start FARR with automatic copy and paste of selected text (hot-keys) press


You can define this in FARR Hot keys:
     Toggle FARR and copy selection Ctrl+Break/Pause

The full path will now be in the search field of FARR

Use my previous post to copy the new path from FARR to the File-dialog  [Ctrl]+c     [Alt]+[Tab]    [Ctrl]+v

The small AutoHotkey script SaveAsPathHelper.ahk I threw together to mimic this functionality still works ok on my PC. Link to source again

I might spruce it up as a NANY release.

Listary won't run without admin privaledges.
-kunkel321 (September 27, 2020, 09:26 AM)
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I suspect any tool with this kind of feature would have to run as admin if the goal is to have it work with save / open windows from most applications, including those running as admin.
-Nod5 (October 01, 2020, 06:05 AM)
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Good point about the possible 'admin' limitation.   I actually did just try your script, and it seemed to work -- so that was very cool!  I only tried the ^g bit, with a Windows Explorer window sitting open.   Thanks for sharing it!  If you do work on this more, it would be awesome if you see if you can get it to work with some of the popular explorer replacements.  Especially xyplorer and/or Direcory Opus. 

it would be awesome if you see if you can get it to work with some of the popular explorer replacements.  Especially xyplorer and/or Direcory Opus. 
-kunkel321 (October 02, 2020, 09:13 PM)
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Listary does it which means it is possible. The trouble is more that I myself only use this with the Window 10 File Explorer, so I'm motivated to have that working. In contrast I don't use any secondary File Manager so I'm not so motivated to install, research and implement this for a bunch of them (especially over time, since they might change how they do things). For each such File Manager (FM) I'd need three things to implement the same features
(1) a method to detect all FM open windows/tabs
(2) a method to get the folder path from a specific FM window/tab
(3) a method to get the first selected file's path from a specific FM window/tab
If someone else tracks down how to do 1 2 3 for their favorite file manager then I'd be much more likely to make SaveAsPathHelper work with it.

I made a small tool for NANY2021, MoveFileHere, and it can be seen as an alternative method compared to parts of the Listary feature discussed in this thread. MoveFileHere helps a workflow where we make the browser always save/download files to a fixed Downloads folder and then use a hotkey quickly move the file to another File Explorer folder afterwards. Compare that to the workflow of quickly picking a custom folder for each download using Listary or the small SaveAsPathHelper script I made upthread to mimic some Listary features.

I noticed that there's a standalone version of QuickSwitch (in AutoHotkey) under active development at It support not only File Explorer but also som third party editors. I haven't tried it but thought it might interest some here.
There's a discussion thread in Everything's forum


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