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A similar function to Listary's Quick Switch function?

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A while ago I've discovered Listary's Quick Switch function, and it became indispensable in my workflow ever since.
I like FARR better overall but I'm greatly missing this functionality. I was wondering if there might be a way to add this functionality to FARR natively or using a plugin/clever hack.

I'm aware that one can mimic this functionality using an AHK script, but would prefer not to have to run another program in the background just to achieve this.

I've used Listary for a long time - and it's exactly this feature that I love the most.  There are some others, but this is the best.  It works with my file manager, FreeCommander, too, without flaw.

Listary does run ListaryService.exe along with ListaryHookHelper32.exe and ListaryHookHelper64.exe to hook application windows.

A similar function to Listary's Quick Switch function?

Yes, I've also noticed that Listary spins up a couple of processes to achieve this. I guess there's no way around it and wouldn't mind FARR doing the same if need be.
I've gotten so used to this feature that I honestly struggle to go back.

Honestly, I don't see how this should be a FARR feature. I know FARR is awesome, but IMHO it is awesome precisely because it does one thing and does it well.

Fair enough. You make a valid point.
To me, however, FARR is more than a program launcher. It's more of a platform for getting around the system and performing quick actions that would otherwise be less convenient.


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