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Found out about this site through Langa a couple of weeks ago and just joined-great service!  I don't want to be notified every time a new topic is posted in the forums, but I do want a feed that will tell me every time a new program is reviewed.  Is there a way to do this?


welcome to the site jason,

your request would be satisfied if we set up a special section of the forum for "official announcements",
like new reviews being posted, new software being released.
i.e. just the rare occasional official announcement.

probably not a bad idea; i think i will set this up unless people would prefer i don't.

the other solution would be to use a program like website watcher (see our review on webpage change monitors, and have it monitor the reviews archive page or front page of the site.

There is now an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT section on the forum.

To add an rss feed for just the topics of this official announcement section:;board=48;limit=20;sa=news;type=rss2

I really like RSS feeds, I use them in the great Google Sidebar:

Can someone tell me the URL for an RSS feed to get the last ten Subjects (topics?) in the 'Mini-Reviews by Members' Forum?



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