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RSS Feeds for and this Forum

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You can now monitor new posts on this forum using any rss feed reader!

NEW: Add an rss feed for our blog!;limit=10;sa=blogs;type=rss2
(without images:;limit=10;sa=blogs;type=rss2;images=0)

To add an rss feed for just the topics of this official announcement section:;board=48;limit=20;sa=news;type=rss2

To add an rss feed for the new twice-monthly official newsletters:;board=69;limit=10;sa=news;type=rss2

Default rss2 feed for 5 most recent posts on the entire forum:;type=rss2

(you can use rss or leave off the entire ;type=rss2 part if you just want xml and not rss)

Or perhaps you just want the last 10 posts on a certain forum:;sa=recent;board=2;limit=10;type=rss2

(you can substitute board=2 with board=X where X is the number of the subforum you want to monitor; just click to view that section from the forum and find board=XX in the url window)

Or just want the last 10 TOPICS (not posts):;limit=10;sa=news;type=rss2

You can also restrict any of those lists to a specific USER by adding u=# to the url, or u=#,#,#,.. to restrict to multiple users posts.

For more help and alternate kinds of feeds you can subscribe to, see this post on the simplemachines forum:

To help facilitate the use of rss feeds we will also start announcing in Living Room section whenever a new review is up or a new program is released.

If people would like to see a specific official announcement section of the forum let us know.

want to rss read the blog columns?
you can't subscribe to the single combined column, but you can subscribe to the individual columnists, just add these urls to your rss feed reader:

[EDIT: we have discontinued the blogs as of 11/05]

See this post for a short description of different RSS readers:


Thanks mouser!  This is a most welcome feature.  :)


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