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some suggestions

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while working with Automatic Screenshotter I found following points which I would like to be changed, although they are not so important:

- selecting View/Launch internal screenshot browser nothing happens,
  although selecting the app  MousersMediaBrowser.exe directly (in the same directory)
  runs well.
- selecting edit/Add recent application to exception list I see all the running apps 
  regardless if these apps have been already included in this list. This may cause multiple 
  selections of the same app.
- please give the option to define %exe (when manually activated) as 
  "FileName_manual" instead of "manual_FileName". In this way it is easier to sort the 
  files. IMHO best solution would be to always define %exe= FileName and add another 
  variable like %man="manual" or ="" giving the user the choice of using or not using
  this feature.

I really like your app!

Thanks for the suggestions, horst!

Can you try this beta download:

And see if I have fixed the following:

* selecting View/Launch internal screenshot browser nothing happens,
* "FileName_manual" instead of "manual_FileName"

Thank you "high speed coder"!

Thank you for the "FileName_manual"

But MousersMediaBrowser still doesn't run!
May it be caused by the fact that I don't have any "FOLDERPATH" environment variable defined?

P.S.:I use Windows 10

But MousersMediaBrowser still doesn't run!
--- End quote ---

It should just be trying to launch it from the same directory as AutomaticScreenshotter.. I thought I spotted an extra \ in the path that I suspected was causing the problem.. let me check again..


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