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would be to add a time stamped highlights/notes section for each question that is added.
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I could add the ability to add notes for each question, without too much trouble.
-mouser (October 12, 2019, 12:49 PM)
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I think adding timestamped note, would be a nice addition. It might be possible then to link to the audio memos, videos or even photo for our use case.
I understand that the suggestion of adding media creates a much harder hurdle.

Yes, adding multimedia notes would be much more work..

ps. if anyone wants to try to create an (original) list of conversation icebreaker/questions, I'd love to include them..

Widget support added.. You can make a widget which shows a single item (like the main slide view), and click to advance.

@mouser: Re: NANY 2020 Pledge - Android App - DiscussionList.
Keep the suggestions coming.
If anyone wants to help test beta version, let me know.
-mouser (October 11, 2019, 11:51 AM)
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I think the suggestions would be akin to "requirements" rules, so I guess this is partially about the incremental development/refinement of a prototype tool to meet some defined requirements and some as yet unknown/undiscovered/undefined potential requirements.
I'd be happy to help as a ß tester - it could be quite interesting, as, during the testing process, I could get to understand the tool better in terms of what it does now, as well as its potentially expanding context for possibilities of use. I quite enjoy being a ß tester for a couple of Android apps at present and I enjoyed being a ß tester for other software (including Google WAVE and NoteFrog and Wezinc) for the same reasons.


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