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I tested with a file created within Notepad and that worked fine. So not really a bug I guess :-[
FWIW with UTF8 format nothing gets imported.

The quotes were copied and pasted. Even though the quotemarks look exactly the same as those typed with Notepad, they dont work. And I used think text files were foolproof and 'just' plain text...

EDIT// sorry forgot to say: I did a find/replace on the dodgy quotation marks. Saved again in ANSI, worked fine

Any last requests?

Any last requests?
-mouser (December 08, 2019, 02:01 AM)
--- End quote ---
I'm late to the party -- so what's new  ;) -- but this is potentially really useful to me.

I have a boss, a couple of subordinates and a variety of weird systems that I have to look after.

I get -- often at fairly random times -- issues that I need to discuss with one or other of the above three people, plus system superusers and so forth, and although I have notebooks and things like Rightnote that help me keep things in order, the advantage of this is that I can add a thought or a discussion point ready for meetings and the like, pretty much wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.

I've been using it for, like, ten minutes so what feedback I have is limited :) but the only early thoughts I have are: (maybe) a single-tap button for return to list view, and (maybe) an optional button to move the current slide to a predefined category (I'm thinking of a "Done" category, for stuff that's been discussed that I can remove but be able to change my mind about, or reopen for later discussion.

But the functionality that's there already seems quite lovely. :)

Updated for the first time in a year v1.13:

* View mode now shows bulk checkbox option.
* When checkboxes are visible, by default only those checked items will be shown in slideview mode.
* Support for external keyboard (footpad) to control slide presentation (advance and previous).

The new features I've added are designed for those who want to use DiscussionList as a kind of teleprompter device, cycling through full page slides using a foot pedal.  I have used it for YouTube discussions.  By letting you easily rearrange the order of items, and use checkboxes to quickly enable and disable slides to be used in the presentation list, it makes it easy to walk through bullet list of items that you reuse for multiple presentations.  If you are just doing a one-off presentation I would recommend using Google Sheets instead, but for repeat presentations that use a subset of topics/slides, this may be useful.


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