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W T F happened with the music in podcast #4?

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Can you mask it with Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony next time? :D


Beetovens 9th is Goth's favorite

The problem with techno is that it's distracting, which makes it harder to understand what you are listening to, which can already be a bit difficult for some of us because of all the unfamiliar accents.

It felt like I was trying to listen in on someone else's conversation at a loud party. I had to listen to parts of it more than twice.

It was very hard to focus and mentally filter that music out.

leaving aside some of the quibbles people have had with the music..
perhaps we should show some appreciation for a podcast that was so much more professional and polished than the previous podcasts, and for the work mukestar and JavaJones put into this on their own time.  We wouldn't want them to think we are a bunch of ungratefulls.  I for one thought they took the podcast to a whole new level of quality.


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